Additional Document

Recording ID: 23148
Common Name: medley of birds
Genus: Medley
Species: bird
Date: 1111-01-01
Last Name: Channing
First Name: C H
Country: USA
State: Washington
County: Unknown
City: Unknown
Latitude: 0
Longitude: 0
Altitude: 0
Master Format: 4
Recorder: unknown
Microphone: unknown
Parabola: no
Recording Time: 0040
Recording Event: 5 FG song(s) common yellowthroat, 4 FG song(s) red-winged blackbird
Background: no description available
Class: Aves
Order: Miscellaneous Aves
Family: Medleys of Aves
Sex: unknown sex
Age: unknown age
Seen: unknown if seen