Tadousac 112267

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Title: Tadousac 112267
Author: Unknown
Description: The "Tadousac" was built at Wilmington, Delaware in 1879. She was built of iron and was of 1701 gross tons. Originally known as the "Virginia," she plied the Chesapeake route between Norfolk and Baltimore. She grounded in the rapids numerous times off Richmond. She was sold in 1900 and chartered to the Joy Line in 1902. The following year, she was sold to the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company for service on the St. Lawrence River. She ran with her old vessel mate of the Chesapeake days, the "Carolina." She later became the "Murray Bay." In 1905, the "Virginia" was named the "Tadousac," which in 1920 was changed to "Cape Diamond." She was last owned by Sorel Mechanical Shops. She was beached, scrapped, and off the registry December 31, 1937.
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