Dalhousie City 130312 (Canadian)

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Title: Dalhousie City 130312 (Canadian)
Author: Unknown
Description: Transporting passengers from Toronto to popular summer recreation areas and carrying fresh fruit from the Niagara Pennisula was good business for the Niagara, St. Catherines, and Toronto Navigation Company. The company ordered the "Dalhousie City" from the Collingwood Shipbuilding Company, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. She was launched June 24, 1911. She was modified just before 1920. Bilge keels were added to prevent the ship's rolling in a heavy sea, and her propellor was redesigned to increase her speed. She was sold in 1950 to the Lake Shore Lines, renamed the "Island King II and used as an excursion ship around Montreal. She burned November 14, 1960 at Lachine, Quebec.
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