"Philo Parsons" 19678

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Title: "Philo Parsons" 19678
Author: Unknown
Description: "Philo Parsons" was built in 1861 by Charles Hinman in Algonac, Michigan. The vessel's engine was originally from the "John Owens". The sidewheel steamer carried wood, passengers and package freight for its cargo. During the Civil War on Lake Erie, the vessel was commandeered by Confederate raiders in a plot to capture the iron gunboat, "U.S.S. Michigan". The plot was scuttled by the Confederate raiders at Sandwich, Ontario. The vessel was also part of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. The vessel was moored at the dock in the Chicago River in Lake Michigan. The remains of "Philo Parsons" were not discovered until 1877 since they were so badly burned.
Permanent Link: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.OX/187640
Date: 1861

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