Read and ponder the Fugitive slave law! ...

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Title: Read and ponder the Fugitive slave law! ...
Author: Gilder Lehrman Collection at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Description: Large, anti-Whig broadside attacking Samuel A. Elliott of Boston, and reprinting the law, with emphasis added in sections relating to proof, habeas corpus, trial, fines and costs of recovery.Read and ponder the Fugitive slave law! - which disregards all the ordinary securities of personal liberty, which tramples on the Constitution, by its denial of the sacred rights of trial by jury, habeas corpus, and appeal, and which enacts, that the cardinal virtues of Christianity shall be considered, in the eye of the law, as crimes, punishable with the severest penalties,--fines and imprisonment. : Freemen of Massachusetts, remember, that Samuel A. Elliott of Boston, voted for this law, that Millard Filmore, our Whig president approved it and the Whig journals of Massachusetts sustain them in this iniquity.
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Date: 1/23/1905

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